OmegaLord: Death's Grasp

OmegaLord: Death's Grasp

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Nothing much done, I've started work on a board game-type game that I made when I was little. FinalWar. So I should be done pretty soon, once I get past that whole image changy thingy. Final selling price of the game: free. I'll see if I can get the webmaster of this site here to host it. Bet he will. So download it when it's done, or you can get it on CD for $1.10. Which is the cost of the CD. Also, comes with extensive help.

XKCD:I occasionally do this with mile markers on the highway.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Ok, so I added a new spell (fire spell) and it's awesome. Much like me.

And the whole setup is just a trap to capture escaping logicians.  None of the doors actually lead out.

That will be all.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Check Out Our New Features!

We now have two new things:
1. A Hit Counter. That's the number on the side there. I am not counted, so no remarks about that. Actually, I'd love some remarks about that... That would mean you've read it.
2. A "Song That Is Stuck In My Head" video or song at the bottom. SHARE MY PAIN (but not like in an emo way).

If you don't get it, I offer explanations at the price of you emailing me.

New email address (old one still works)

Also, the demo at is outdated. Contact me if you are interested in a newer one.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Level!

Hey everypeoples, I just made a new OL level, the earth one, it's not done totally, but it's pretty good. I did some expiramentaion with modeling, and have some actual tree-like images.

Also, added a new enemy: the Dark One. It actually takes more than one hit to kill!

and as promised: I may have also tossed one of a pair of teleportation rings into the ocean, with interesting results.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


YES! YES! No longer is there a problem with combat. OmegaLord actually uses his sword!


Happy April Fool's Day.

XKCD punk'd me.

I feel hurt.

OmegaLord is better than ever!


OmegaLord is over. It has proven simply too difficult.


// check whether you can shoot
if (not can_shoot) exit;
can_shoot = false;
// show the animation and play the sound
image_speed = 0.4;
image_index = 0;sound_play(snd_shot);
// determine what you hitvar xx, yy, ii;
xx = global.camx;yy = global.camy;
repeat (50)
xx += 4*global.camcos;
yy -= 4*global.camsin;
ii = instance_position(xx,yy,obj_wall_basic);
if (ii == noone) {ii = instance_position(xx,yy,obj_monster_basic);
if (ii <> noone) continue;if (point_distance(global.camx,global.camy,xx,yy) < 40)
with (ii) instance_destroy();
if object_is_ancestor(ii.object_index,obj_plant_basic) continue;
if (ii.object_index == obj_barrel) (ii.object_index == obj_door) (ii.object_index == obj_door_vert)with (ii) instance_destroy();break;}

HELP! It isn't working! Anyone know java/C++/GML?