OmegaLord: Death's Grasp

OmegaLord: Death's Grasp

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Story Line Coming!

It's still in the writing!
Here's an excerpt...

Venolo had attempted to cast a spell for ice just as the stranger had used a fire cast. Orn screamed in horror as his parent's burned corpses fell to the ground. The scream did not end there. It grew until the very earth's core trembled with the unbridled rage in Orn.

Happy, eh?
Look for it coming by the end of January. I hope.


Price of Bob! is dropping to only $1.50! That's great!
Please read our warranty and terms of service upon purchase.

I'm writing this in HTML!

Well, gotta go back to falling into my P!ATD addiction.

This is not a drill...

Any and all stories you may have heard about Bob! being a virus are pure coincidence. So is the title. No, Mr. Whitney's virus software was just doing a routine checkup. It found something that it could download to help protect against a virus that he would have known if he had. It brought up a little window:


You are not protected
against a rapidly spreading

This is having nothing to do with DarkNet's software.
We assure that all our software is virus free, but we cannot protect against viruses on your home computers that may corrupt our files.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!

Not a whole lot of news, but we are now selling a game, BobLand! and an OmegaLord demo for $2. The only requirement is that you have $2 and Windows. We also accept payment in the form of checks. Though why you'd want to write a check for $2 is beyond me. To order your copy, email me- No. Write me a letter,-no. Everyone who reads this goes to my school. Just talk to me. If, however, you happen to live in a galaxy far, far away, or like in Nevada or something, just send it to P.O. box Idon'thaveoneyet. Don't actually send it there, cause there is probably some company that would love your two cents. And two bucks. When I actually get a P.O. box, I will accept mail. I'll let you know.

BobLand!, for those of you NOT in the know, focuses on our hero, SuperBob, who must stop children from turning in work with their name on it! If you fail... Granny will vanish! For those of you who ARE in Nevada, Bob is the entity that completes all work without a name on it.
Will this game reveal his chilling past? Who really is Bob?
All these questions and more will definitely not be answered by this game, but check out our upcoming game (after OmegaLord) Path of Bob: Cheeseslayer.
A 3D FPS about slaying the foul cheeses that robbed Bob of the ability to put his name on work. I'm serious. What? I need a lighthearted game after OmegaLord, and all his foul demons...
Hey... Do you guys even know the storyline of OmegaLord? Well. When did I forget to tell you that. Also, look for the upcoming book, OmegaLord: Path of Orn, which chronicles the whole spiel of things.

Look for the storyline coming here soon!

Wanna write OmegaLord updates?
Well, just reply to this post with, "Dear awesomeness that is Sam, I would be greatly happified if you would allow me to do such a thing as this." Then you create an account, let me know and PAPAPOW! You have access to this holiest of holies.
Not like, a hole. Like holy.

-Sam "Solamenter"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

OMG! OMG! OMG! WOFL! What does WOFL mean?

This links to a website where you can DOWNLOAD A DEMO! in 3D! OMG!
Just enter the three letters/numbers on the bottom, click submit, and w00t.
Then you wait.Then click (surprise) Download file now!
I luv y'alls. Not.
P.S. You need Windows.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello? Mic check one two...

Hey, everypeoples, and yes, Mr. Lord, I am blatantly ripping off Homestar Runner. I am in the midst of doing some research on games, but one question remains...
Would you guys want the game to come out much sooner or to come out a lot longer away, but with better graphix? Like 3D graphix, but it would be First person, but i think I can still manage the effetx... If you want to see what it would look like, I can send you a demo.
-Sam, or, as my internet aliases go, Omega.
Omega OUT!